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Panel dashboard illustrating Euler's Method

Euler's method is a numerical integration technique for solving ordinary differential equations. Specifically, given $y' = f( x, y )$ and a starting point $(x_0, y_0)$, Euler's method provides approximate values of $y$ for $x>x_0$. To explore how this method works, this notebook from ea42gh sets up a dashboard using Panel, HoloViews, and Bokeh. You will need to have a live Python process running (not just an notebook or web page), which you can set up using conda install -c pyviz/label/dev panel holoviews bokeh.

In [1]:
import param, panel as pn, holoviews as hv, warnings, numpy as np, pandas as pd
#print(pn.__name__, pn.__version__, hv.__name__, hv.__version__ )