This work is supported and maintained by Anaconda. PyViz Topics is part of the PyViz project to showcase Python data visualization tools. The primary PyViz maintainers are Philipp Rudiger, James A. Bednar, Julia Signell, and Jean-Luc Stevens, with bug reports and patches from numerous members of the Github community.

Website Maintenance

The website building occurs in Travis CI jobs that are triggered by commit messages.

NOTE: When you merge PRs, you should be careful about what is included in the commit messages to avoid accidentally rebuilding projects and re-deploying the dev or rel website on merge.

Building the dev website

The dev website builds every time someone builds any project. This is useful, because people can see what their project will look like, and make any adjustments.

NOTE: If multiple people are doing this at the same time, they will step on each others’ toes, and jobs might fail.

Building the rel website

To build the release version of the website, push a commit (it can be empty --allow-empty) that contains the text build:website_release.

Rebuilding project(s)

Once a project is built, it is stored on a special evaluated branch on github and it won’t be rebuilt until that is specifically requested. If you need to rebuild projects, you can do that by pushing a commit containing build: and the name of any project. If you would like to rebuild them all (not recommended) instead of listing them by name, just include build:all. Each project will build in its own job on Travis and then try to commit the result to the evaluated branch. This mostly works, but if multiple jobs finish at the same time, one might not get pushed. If after all the jobs have finished, you notice that some projects are not updated in the evaluated branch, you can restart those jobs on travis.

Top-level actions

Project writers should never touch the top-level files and directories (except for test_data and .travis.yml), but for maintainters, there are certain top-level maintenance jobs that keep this site running smoothly.

Adding new label badges

When a project contains labels, a badge is added to the website for each label. If the badge isn’t listed in doc/_static/labels the color is gray by default. Additionally, nbsite should raise a warning that explains how to create a specialized badge. Normally this just means choosing a color and adding this svg:<label>-<color> to the labels directory.

Skipping notebooks in tests

When a particular notebook needs skipping in the tests, add the relevant glob to tox.ini.

Specifying binder env

Hopefully this will get easier, but basically, at this time there is an entirely separate environment file for binder. Ideally, binder would read from all the projects, unpin everything, and then set up that union environment, but we haven’t built that machinery, and the resulting environment may or may not actually be feasible to build (in the common case that projects have conflicting requirements).